2020 Venture Week for International Elites in Suzhou Registration Notice


1.    Introduction of Suzhou

Suzhou, located in the south-eastern part of Jiangsu Province, is one of the important central cities in the Yangtze River Delta. It is also a famous historical and cultural tourist city in China, which has a history of more than 2,500 years. Moreover, Suzhou is one of the most competitive cities in China. In 2019, the city's regional GDP exceeded 1.93 trillion RMB at an increasing rate of 6%, in which the R&D contributes over 3%. 2019 also witnessed 21 corporates listed in the stock market, hitting the historical high.


2.    Introduction of the Venture Week

Venture Week for International Elites in Suzhou is an interactive platform for high-level talent introduction, and innovation and entrepreneurship resources that Suzhou Municipal Government is committed to. Since 2009, it has continued to roll out with the theme “Gathering Global Wisdom and Creating a Business Paradise”, attracting high-level innovative and entrepreneurial talents or teams in the fields of strategic emerging industries, bio-technologies, advanced manufacturing, AI, data mining and modern service industries;  recruiting venture investors and senior managers/representatives in renowned venture capitals/organisations, innovative associations and communities, keynote universities and corporations; welcoming PhDs and post-doctors to come to Suzhou for project docking/negotiation and efficient cooperation and interactive integration.

The Venture Week has become a greet platform for gathering talents, integrating resources, and transforming and upgrading new engines, which enjoys high influence and reputation at home and abroad. Together with the 2020 “Win the Future” Venture Contest for International Entrepreneurs, 2020 Suzhou 12th Venture Week for International Elites will organise overseas sub-branches in North America, Europe, Japan, South-east Asia and etc, and the home event to be hosted at the Suzhou International Expo Center during July 10-12th 2020

High-technology talents who are resident in China are welcome to register as early as possible, due to the travel limitation of the COVID-19. Spaces are limited and will be on first-come first-served basis. Officially invited guests will be given accommodation and transportation subsidies, as well as visiting and inspecting opportunities to the surrounding areas. Project completion and talent settling can also obtain multi-faceted resource support and financial rewards.

Overseas talents are also welcomed to join the Venture Week from online platforms and webinars. Further arrangements of docking inspection to Suzhou and the 2020 Venture Contest are subject to the timeline for lifting coronavirus restrictions.

3.    Application

a.   Download and fill in the Registration Form of 2020 Suzhou 12th Venture Week for International Elites (please tick “Association” and fill in Winglong Pty Ltd) as the referral in the form that you can download from the website: http://www.startupoceania.com.au/.

b.   Please email the Registration Form, Copies of Identification documents, Copies of Degree qualification/certification and PPT Prospectus (if available) to: startups@winglong.com.au.