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2016 ‘Win-in Suzhou’ Oceania start-up mentoring workshop Sydney

Friday, May 13, 2016

To attract overseas talents to settle in Suzhou, the Suzhou city government has held a series of start-up competitions worldwide including North America, Oceania and Europe and have achieved great success. A batch of talents took the opportunities to start their business and settled in Suzhou.

Carrying forward the experiences from the past competitions, the 2016 ‘Win-in-Suzhou’ Oceania start-up competition has formally rolled out this March; it is co-organized by Winglong Pty Ltd Australia, Chinese Students & Scholars Associate of UTS and New Zealand and China Business Association and has successfully attracted wide public attention. We are at the current stage still receiving more and more applications. Upholding the purpose of encouraging high level projects to Suzhou and enhancing local economy and facilitating start-up talents to achieve the regional as well as the whole nation’s technology innovation target, the organizer has held a start-up mentoring workshop on the 4th of May at UTS and has attracted many competitors and local start-up elites to attend.

During the workshop, the general manager Ms. Emily Hung from Winglong Pty Ltd gave a speech introducing the overall situation of Suzhou city and its start-up environment, the screening and judging criteria of the final competition, the current status quo of applications and the following up Suzhou International Elite Week and wishing a great success of the competition. Then the commercial executive director Mr. Peter Beaumont and the director Mr. Nigel Hennessy from CtechBA to share some key points and challenges in the process of products commercialisation, consumer mode, production and marketing and to elaborate its unique testing and incubating methods and practices. The present participants have reaped no little benefit from the speech. After that, Jemma Xu (CEO) from Tripalocal- successful start-up-representing start-up elites has given a speech sharing her experiences along the road of start up a business which encouraged every attendee. Then, the senior investment consultant Mr. Terry Hillsberg has posted a presentation on the prospect of Australia and China Technology innovation cause. At last, Mr. Kevin Lee, the director from China Australia Technology Commercialisation and Exerts Council gave speech on how to show/present your project and team and the differences between Chinese and Australian investors. In addition, the workshop has luckily invited Mr. Alfred Chung-Angel capital investor and senior Agriculture technology consultant of China, and representatives from management team of Australian companies as well as an entrepreneur delegation from China. During Q&A session, the speakers have answered questions from the audience and shared personal experiences with perfect interaction among each other.

We are continuing receiving applications for the final competition; the cut-off date is 31st of May 2016. Please refer to the website www.startupoceania.com.au for details to apply or to send emails to admin@winglong.com.au to lodge your application forms and business proposals.  The final competition will be held on the 26th of June in Sydney with the first prize of $8000, second prize of $4000 and many other prizes. For more information, please refer to www.startupoceania.com.au

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