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2017 Win-in-Suzhou Venture Contest officially launched in New Zealand

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Following the opening up of Sydney Australia 2017 “Win in Suzhou” Venture Contest for International Elites in Oceania, the New Zealand venture contest has also been officially launched in Auckland on 11th of March. The launching ceremony has luckily gained full support from all walks of life in Auckland, Consul Fang Dongbo has given an opening speech on behalf of the General-consulate of P.R China in Auckland with more than 50 other attendees from New Zealand Scientist Association, government-sponsored overseas students Association, masters and doctors Association as well as local New Zealand start-up elites and local media representatives. The first prize winner Doctor Dan LI of 2016 Oceania start-up competition has also shared his experiences in visiting Suzhou at the launching ceremony.

Suzhou is city boasting 2500 years of history; it is a well-known cultural city in the world with the nick name of ‘paradise on earth’. 30 years of opening up and reform policy has brought Suzhou many opportunities which helped it achieved fast economic growth through generations of culture and innovation. Its results can easily be seen worldwide.

This year’s Oceania start-up competition is an important part of Suzhou’s worldwide ‘Win-in Suzhou’ competition, its doors are open to all high-level start-up talents and striving to achieve great development with these talents by offering the first-class policies and environment.

This year’s venture contest is open to a wide range of fields, including (not limited to) New Energy & Sustainable Development, New Materials, Medical Equipment and Biomedicine, High-end Equipment Manufacturing, New Generation of Electronic Information, Software and Integrated Circuits, Smart Grids, Financial Services, Cultural and Creative Industries. The competition will serve as a high-level platform for start-up talents from Australia and New Zealand as it has gathered people from all backgrounds aiming to make a difference to the world we live in, with their innovative projects, various funding channels and favourable policies and business carriers available and readily accessible. Some projects will be selected and invited by Suzhou before the June competition to attend their annual International Elite Week taking place in early July to have their projects connected with China market, to settle and develop and also have a chance to enjoy the different start-up incentives and subsidies. There will also be chance of gaining up to 5 million RMB Angel investments for certain projects mutually agreed to land in Suzhou.

The registration process for this year’s competition is the same as that in previous years: candidates can log on the website www.startupoceania.com.au or send an email to michaelli@winglong.com.au to download/acquire the application form and business plan form. The final competition will be held on 27th May 2017 in Sydney with one first prize ($8000), one second prize ($4000) and all other prizes. For more information, please refer to the website www.startupoceania.com.au.

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