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2017 Win in Suzhou Venture Contest trainings held on Haymarket HQ

Friday, April 21, 2017

To improve the pitching skills of the attendees for “2017 Win in Suzhou Venture Contest”, we organised a series of trainings at Haymarket HQ. These trainings include (1) the ultimate 1-page business plan, (2) putting together your pitch deck and (3) how to do a winning pitch.

1 The ultimate 1-page summary

The first training, “the ultimate 1-page business plan”, was held on 10 April, 2017. This session is about how to develop a business model for your startup and identifying gaps in your framework. Angela Kwan from Haymarket HQ was there guiding every step of the way and showing how to create a business plan. She showed how to use Lean Canvas Model to build your own business plan.

Angela Kwan is an entrepreneur and startup investor and advisor based in Sydney. She runs a property investment and development company, 9 Springs, and is also the co-founder of a social enterprise startup called Catalyser, which provides software for companies to manage staff donations and volunteering for charities. Angela was a lawyer for 10 years in Asia, working in both Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Please refer to the following link for more information regarding this training:


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2 Putting together your pitch deck

The 2nd training, “putting together your pitch deck”, was held on 20 April, 2017. Putting together a pitch deck can be daunting. The purpose of a good investor pitch deck is to win over the hearts and minds of investors, to do that, your pitch need to tell a compelling and concise story to grab their attention. In this session, every attendee was provided with an understanding of the common elements of pitch decks, understand how to set up the elements of a pitch deck for best impact, and looking at how a successful pitch deck is put together.

Alfred Lo was the presenter for this session. Alfred Lo was the presenter for this session. He is the former Head of AMP New Ventures where he lead AMP’s local and international corporate venture capital program. Prior to AMP, Alfred co-founded and led Singtel Innov8’s investment activities through Optus-Innov8 in Australia. He has two decades of operational and management experience from prior roles at PwC and EDS and has worked on the entrepreneurial side in both hardware and software startups.

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3 How to do a winning pitch

The third training, “how to do a winning pitch”, will be held on 7:00PM – 8:30PM, 27 April, 2017. The pitch isn’t the only thing that will make your business successful, but it matters when you have an opportunity to get on stage and present. Opportunities to pitch your business should happen all the time – because ultimately we’re always pitching, whether it is to investors, customers, business partners, candidates, or random people we catch on the street. Pitching and presenting are critical skills for startup owners. Pitching isn’t easy. And it takes a long time to learn how to do well. And it takes continual effort.

This session is a start and will focus on how to deliver your pitch presentation with conviction. You will learn:

  • How to think like an investor (from an investor Rayn Ong)
  • How to make your business understood
  • How to make a memorable presentation
  • How to keep the attention of investors.

You are invited to attend this free training. Please refer to the following link to register.