About Winglong the Organizer

Winglong Pty Limited ( Australia ) is a proprietary company registered with the Australian Government.  Based in Sydney and operating for over 20 years, Our Company has gained recognition from the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of P.R of China to bring in Chinese government and large corporation delegations into Australia and New Zealand for trainings, visits and study tours.

Over the years, Winglong has also developed itself into a professional event organizer with proven track records across industries. Some of our previous events (not limited to):

Win-in-Suzhou 2011, 2013 and 2015 Australian/Oceania Start-Up Competition Summit 

Start-up Workshops
AURCMP Restricted Chinese Herbal Medicine in Australia and Overview of Australian Health Care System Course Workshop

CMIC Chinese Medicine Workshop 

ACMA Complimentary Medicine Trip to China

AURCMP Launch Press Release Luncheon

AURCMP Registration Form Filling Instruction Workshop

AURCMP Chinese Medicine Practitioners Code of Conduct and Medical Complaints Workshop

AURCMP Celebratory Dinner for the National Registration Chinese Medicine Practitioners in Australia

AURCMP Member Forum

National Forum of Chinese Herbal Dispensing & Supply

China Shenzhen CBD and Futian District (Australia) Trade, Economic and Investment Outreach Seminar- Melbourne

English Course Seminars for Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners

CMASA-ATCMA Chinese Medicine Academic Conference

ACMA TCM Tour to China

ACMA Medical Transcribing Service of Chinese Health Care Information Media Conference

Jiangyin Overseas Talents Recruitment Fairs (Sydney and Melbourne)

Suzhou 2011 Australian Start-Up Competition Summit

Wuxi Overseas Talents Recruitment Fair

Australian Chinese Medicine Development & Chinese Herbal Dispensary Registration Forum

AURCMP National Registration of CM Practitioners Consultation Meeting

ATCMA CMASA Joint Committee Media Luncheon

Emperor Yan Birthday Celebration & Inaugural Ceremony of CMIC

English Course Seminars for Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners

CMASA Moon Festival Celebration

Xiamen Overseas Talents Recruitment Fair (Sydney)

Shenzhen Futian Economic and Trade Exchange and Investment Outreach Seminar (Sydney)

4th New Zealand-China-Asia Pacific Forum for Minimally Invasive Gynecology

Traditional Chinese Medicine Guangzhou and Hongkong Study Tour

If you have any event coming up and would like some help, please feel free to contact us by+ 61 2 9267 5977, or admin@winglong.com.au