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A Brief Look into Suzhou

The Long history of Suzhou City has left behind many attractive scenic spots and historical sites with beautiful and interesting legends. The elegant classical gardens, the old-fashion houses and the delicate bridges hanging over flowing waters in the drizzling rain, the beautiful lakes with undulating hills in lush green, the numerous scenic spots and historical sites, as well as the exquisite arts and crafts have made Suzhou a renowned historical and cultural city full of eternal and poetic charm.

Suzhou was the capital city of Wu State during the ancient Spring and Autumn period. In 514 BC, by the command of the King He Lu of Wu, his senior minister Wu zixu built the great city of He Lu, and its wall measured 23.5 kilometres in circumference with 8 pairs of land-and-water gates. The city began to take the name of Suzhou and Gu su city during the Sui Dynasty. Since then numerous changed has taken place in Suzhou through its long and established history. Yet despite of its repeated devastation, the city is still seated in the original site as it was 2500 years ago which is indeed quite rare in the world history.

Suzhou is best known for its gardens: humble administrators’ garden, lingering garden and the surging wave pavilion and the master of net garden. Those gardens together form the best of the traditional Chinese architecture, paintings and arts.

Suzhou is also well known as the ‘Venice of the East’; the city is sandwiched between Taihu Lake and Grand Canal. Network of cannels and criss-crossed hump-backed bridged give Suzhou the image of city on the water.

Suzhou also boasts its advanced economic development especially in terms of manufacturing sector. Besides, the city enjoys an established industrial system with 5 national development zones, 12 provincial development zones and 5 national accredited export processing zones etc.  In addition to the above advantages, Suzhou ranks the first in terms of investment and commercial environment and one of the most efficient cities in the country. The city’s well known service-oriented government means it is the paradise for start-up entrepreneurs.  

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