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Win-in-Suzhou Startup competitions have been held for years both within and outside of China such as Europe and US, aiming to encourage and support innovation, the drive behind economic development, and the vision for a better China and world at large to come. In the southern hemisphere, it has been successfully held for three rounds, with many innovative minds feeling even more invigorated while exploring the path to success, and Suzhou positioning itself with the right tools and resources in a time envisages no more challenges, changes and opportunities than ever.

The 2016 Win-in-Suzhou Oceania Start-Up Competition will be held in Sydney, Australia in late June this year.

Suzhou is famous for its gardens, nicknamed as the Garden City in China's south-east coast, it has a beautiful garden-style industrial park with hundreds of high-tech companies and corporates scattered around the park. In order to futher develop the park's potential and propel the economic development of the entire city, Suzhou is encouraging high-level professional to come to invest or launch their own businesses. Successful projects with its government's recognition will be granted with substantial initial investment if willing to be launched in Suzhou, otherwise Suzhou will help connecting the project to local companies as desired.

The competition will cove areas including but not limited to renewable energy, biomedicine, photovoltaic technology, information technology, chemical industry, agriculture, modern/innovative equipment; manufacturing, mechanical and electrical integration. Qualified participants of all nationalities are welcome to join.


Su Zhou Science and Technology Bureau;
Sydney Institute of Technology, Education and Communication

Su Zhou government;
Su Zhou Leading Group for Talents;
Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of Suzhou; 
Winglong Pty Ltd;

Supporting Organization:

Australian government agencies, 
venture capital organizations and academic organizations;
Australia China Business Council;
Think Global Consulting;
SME Association of Australia;
Federation of Chinese Scholars in Australia (FOCSA)
New Zealand China Business Council (NZCBC)

This competition will provide a platform for people who would like to explore opportunities in Suzhou, or those simply want to give their ideas a go. The contest in Australia will be reported and followed up by major Chinese newspapers. Winners from final competition in Australia will be invited by Suzhou government to meet with relevant people in Suzhou to discuss possibilities of project cooperation. Suzhou will cover the expenses for travelling to China. Suzhou will also be happy to connect projects to Suzhou companies for commercialization or other future cooperation if local development (in Australia/New Zealand) is preferred.

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Winglong Pty Ltd

Supported by:

UTS Chinese Student & Scholars Association (UTS CSSA)
New Zealand China Business Council (NZCBC)
China Australia Technology Commercialization and Export Council
Australian International Professionals and Projects Association
Chinese Association of Professionals and Scholars Australia