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Mr. Cui-the third place winner of last year ‘Win in Suzhou’ Oceania Start-up Competition told us that he and his team have benefited significantly from the competition not only from the early preparation stage but also to the middle and later stage of operation and practice, attending the competition has in itself completed and improved our project, he has shared some valuable thoughts for the coming start-up entrepreneurs:

1)      The original mission of the start-up company

We need to make full use of the size of glass windows to realize affordable and renewable electricity to help our country achieve the leading position in the world in this industry

2)      Start-up stage

We are still at an early stage which is an brain-storm stage, we are still lacking the experiences in terms of glass window production

3)      Thoughts after going to Suzhou

Currently we are at proof of concept, therefore the funding is applied by myself, significant government support: the project is progressing steadily, Suzhou government has provided some subsidies for accommodation and travel to Suzhou, by attending last year’s competition has enhanced and improved our project and also on the other hand has let see our weakness.

4)      Future vision

‘Proof of concept’ is actually the early financing stage, after getting interesting results from this stage we can source some venture capitals, government support and then start to build the company which means we are going to walk on the real start-up road. Government policy support afterwards is quite necessary, for example, support to solar power glass windows. Due to the huge market size, we are expecting profit after a short period of 2 years perhaps. 

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