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Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou High-Tech District, Kunshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Zhangjiagang PortTax-Protected Zone, Suzhou Taihu National Tourism Holiday Park, Changshu Economic Development District, Changshu South-Eastern Economic Development Zone, Taicang Port Economic Development Zone, Wujiang Economic Development Zone, Suzhou Wuzhong Economic Development District, Suzhou Xiangcheng City Economic Development Area, Suzhou International Technological Park, Suzhou Technological City, Suzhou Incubator Investment Group Ltd., Suzhou Guofa Innovative & Investment Co., Suzhou Xinqu High-Tech Venture Capital Ltd., Zhangjiagang Economic & Trade Investment Ltd., Changshu Venture Capital Ltd., Wujiang Venture Capital Ltd., Taicang Venture Capital Ltd., Suzhou Xiangcheng Incubator Investment Ltd., Suzhou Yuandian Incubator Investment Ltd.


1. Medals and Honour Certificates issued to Top 10 projects by Suzhou People’s Government;
2. Top 10 will be invited to Suzhou to attend the International Elites Week held from July 10th to 14th;
3. AUD$500,000- AUD$800,000 initial funding will be invested into projects landing in Suzhou by local State-owned and private investment/venture capital companies or institutes, and Angel

Trust. And Suzhou Government will provide follow-up financing and guarantee, offering support in terms of preferential treatment policies and finance, and rewarding people who are recommended into the GUSU Innovative Leadership and Talented Plan in the following options:

a) AUD$8,000- AUD$400,000 settling allowances, AUD$160,000- AUD$660,000 R&D Support,
b) 100square meters’ office space on a three-year pre-paid condition
c) No less than 10% follow-up investment of the initial amount
d) A maximum of AUD $800,000 government-supported financing loan
e) AUD$50,000 Technology-based premium allowances and AUD$80,000 worth of loan interest subsidies

We strongly welcome Professors currently teaching in R&D Institutes, researchers, PhD or Research Postgraduate Supervisors, and every individual/group from either academic or commercial areas to participate.

Organizers: Chinese Embassy in Sydney;Suzhou People's Government, Suzhou Foreign Experts Affairs Bureau, Winglong Pty Ltd, and some other organizations tbc

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2018 Venture Contest-HHQ Workshop: Pitch Like a Pro (Part Two) 31-8-2018

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Winglong Pty Ltd

Supported by:

UTS Chinese Student & Scholars Association (UTS CSSA)
New Zealand China Business Council (NZCBC)
China Australia Technology Commercialization and Export Council
Australian International Professionals and Projects Association
Chinese Association of Professionals and Scholars Australia